Why Ductless?

Ductless systems offer you room-by-room heating and cooling. Imagine if every time you turned on a light switch, all of the lights in your home turned on? That is exactly how a Central Heating and Air system operates, all or nothing heat and cooling.

With a Ductless Mini-Split you can control the heating and cooling in the kitchen, living room, home office, bedrooms, bonus room, or garage, etc.

These are whisper quiet, high-efficient, individualized systems.

Is it just you and or your spouse in the home? Fujitsu Mini-Splits are perfect for a master bedroom, there is no need to run the A/C just to cool your master bedroom. Our 9,000 BTU system is perfect for Master bedrooms.

Want to just cool the living room, kitchen, or both? We can provide a solution.

Do you have a garage gym, workspace, or mancave that gets hot? We turned the garage into a second living room for our young adult kids, this worked out better for everyone! Our 12,000 BTU system is a perfect fit.

Call (714) 312-6142 today to learn more about the flexible benefits of a Fujitsu Ductless Mini-Split.

Benefits of a Mini-Split

1) Up to 25% more efficient than central air systems

2) Multi speeds on each unit, you can optimize the airflow for each unit

3) Quiet, very quiet

4) Ductless, you don’t have to waste money heating and cooling your ductwork, no leaky ducts

5) Heat Pump system. The same unit provides energy-efficient heating and cooling.  Ask about the available rebates for installing a heat pump mini-split system.