The Trident Pro line consists of several models ranging from the 1,500 CFM all the way up to 7,000 CFM! There are also different speed options depending on the unit. These options allow homeowners to control how much airflow they want to move through their home. The Trident Pro series has a permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor which is extremely dependable and very common in many electronic products. Also included with the unit; a two speed remote switch. Finally, the Trident Pro series boasts an industry leading 15-year motor warranty. If you are looking for great energy efficiency, reliability, and the most affordable up-front cost, look no further than the Trident Pro series installed by Eco Air Solutions.

Innovative and Patented Design

The QuietCool Trident Pro whole house fan features our patented, self-contained duct system that hangs in the attic to help neutralize any noise vibrations. The result is being able to use the system at any time without sound disturbance.

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Industry Leading Warranty

QuietCool offers an industry leading 15‐year warranty. With a QuietCool Installed by Eco Air Solutions, you will have the confidence that your fan will be operating at its fullest potential for a decade, or more likely, even longer! And if by some chance it breaks during that decade, you will know that you are completely covered on any parts that make up your QuietCool fan motor assembly.